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  • We bill by the hour, but we want to hear your situation before determining your fee.

Our primary goal is your success. We are looking for clients to build long, lasting relationships.

We understand that some jobs will be short-term, but hope that other clients will see the value in a long term relationship. We only succeed, when you succeed.

Heartland Industries has several services available that can be used to enhance, understand and identify your specific needs. We are here to make your life easier. One important option you have with Heartland Industries is the ability to hire us to handle positions within your company or organization that would normally require you to hire a full or part-time employee.  

  • Save on the hiring process   
  • Training, Administration, Payroll and Benefits
  • Gain an expert with Success as the Main Objective
  • Hiring an Independent Contractor allows you to expense out the services   
  • Contact us today to set up an appointment. We are available to meet evenings, weekends and other times that will suit your company's needs.

                                                                                                    Business development  - BUSINESS education

                                                                                                   BUDGET & EXPENSE ANALYSISCAREER COUNSELING

                                                                                SPECIALTY VEHICLE APPRAISAL & PURCHASES


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NEED A CHANGE in your business? Have Sales decreased? Customer Service Moral is down? Expenses out of control?

Let us come in and examine your business.

  • Provide an objective, independent perspective of all the facets of your business
  • We observe and ask questions of your employees
  • Followed by a detailed analysis of your entire operation, departmental breakdown
  • Presented with recommendations on how to make changes and improvements

Education and Training

Having difficulty with new procedures or training, let us come in and look at what the protocol is and suggest better ways to train and maintain retention on all duties and job performance expectations.

  • We will provide detailed instruction, including the reformatting of manuals
  • Work with employees who struggle and ascertain what the best action is
  • Follow up and evaluate progress